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         Teamstealth Reborn is not your ordinary clan. There are 6 gaming leaders that work very hard to keep many games up efficiently as a group. You may find yourself in a position that would help everyone in the clan grow and prosper. Whether its organizing a party, group or platoon or telling someone hello and how are you today is a way to contribute.

        The main games Teamstealth currently organizes events are:

Star Wars The Old Republic  [Lead by Deathbringer]

World of Tanks                      [Lead by Dorkyduck]

    Future gaming events will be appearing on Runescape and Call of Duty World War.  

For more information of updates on the current games being played, check out the following link below.


TSR Armored Division [World of Tanks]

TSR Stealth Havoc Squad [Star Wars]

TSR Barracks [ + Members]

Membership Benefits

Membership Levels

            Enlisted                                      Officer                            Guardian

Hunters are welcomed here.

Lets face it, some of us are born killers. Our fight belongs in the battlefield and we know nothing of defeat. 

> May help officers and guardians achieve common goals.

> May attain 1-3 positions, depending on rank.

> Must gain permission from officers to host major events.

Ready to put some battlefield tactics to good use? Step up the game level and stay organized with  your very own   

non-commissioned officers

> Recognize and notify players of  great valor and honor by message, ribbon, award or promotion.

> May attain 1-5 positions depending on rank

> May not alter the main agenda of TSR without consultation with a Guardian.

Strongly committed members to serve and protect the main values and goals of the clan from Day 1.